В Москве пройдет бизнес-форум AVRA DAYS

14 ноября в Москве пройдет бизнес-форум AVRA DAYS, посвященный применению новейших интерактивных технологий.

The main thing from Putin’s press conference in Astana

All partial mobilization activities will be completed within two weeks, Vladimir Putin said, answering questions from journalists following a two-day visit to Astana.

The President said that 222 thousand people out of the planned 300 thousand have already been sent to the units, no proposals have been received from the Ministry of Defense to increase the number of mobilized.

«When they started to carry out these mobilization events, it was only then that it became clear what quality they were. This information base is being updated now, on a modern basis, on a modern basis, and it will be as reliable as possible, so I think that the quality should be improved. Although I must say that partial mobilization is already ending.» — Vladimir Putin

The Head of State explained that the line of contact stretched for one thousand hundred kilometers, it is impossible to protect it only by the forces of contractors. Therefore, there was a need for partial mobilization.

Attacks on the infrastructure of Ukraine.

The President told reporters that now there is no need to launch massive strikes on Ukraine’s infrastructure facilities.
«Out of, in my opinion, 29 objects — seven were not hit as planned by the Ministry of Defense, but they are getting there gradually. There is no need for massive strikes, well, at least for now, for now.»

Answering a journalist’s question whether he regretted anything, Putin noted that the decision to launch a special military operation in Ukraine was correct and timely.

The President stressed that Russia did not set itself the task of destroying a neighboring state.
«What is happening today is unpleasant, to put it mildly. But we would have received the same thing a little later, only in worse conditions for us, that’s all. So my actions are correct and timely. Here they are (Kiev authorities. — Editor’s note) they took it at one time, 2.4 million people live in Crimea, they took the water and cut it off. The troops had to go in and open the water to the Crimea. That’s just an example of the logic of our actions. If we had not done this action, there would have been no other counteractions.»

International participation in the settlement in Ukraine.

Speaking about the role of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the settlement in Ukraine, Putin recalled that his Turkish counterpart played a significant role in organizing prisoner exchanges, in addition, actively participated in the export of grain.

«True, this grain goes to the poorest countries of the world in a minimal amount through the UN, but this is another matter. We also discussed this with him, and during the negotiations yesterday he spoke in favor of somehow structuring grain flows and, above all, directing them to the poorest countries.»

At the same time, Germany, which is actively involved in the Ukrainian conflict, preferred to prioritize allied commitments instead of the interests of its own citizens, the Russian leader continued.

He noted that now business, the economy and residents of Germany are paying for this mistake, this has negative economic consequences for the eurozone as a whole and for the country in particular.

Will there be a meeting with Biden at the G20?

Putin noted that the issue of his personal participation in the G20 summit has not yet been resolved. Speaking about the possibility of a meeting with US President Joe Biden, if the trip takes place, the Russian leader indicated that there is no platform for such a conversation yet.

«We need to ask him if he is ready to hold such negotiations with me or not. I don’t see the need, to be honest, by and large.»

The President stressed that there is no talk of direct talks with any of the leaders of the «Twenty» yet, but Moscow is in constant contact with some of them.

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